Global Consulting Firm | End-to-End Revenue Marketing Program



Program Elements

  • Brand Strategy
  • M&A Brand Integration Support
  • Account-Based Marketing
  • Demand Generation
  • Sales Enablement
  • Martech Stack Evaluation
  • Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Email Campaigns
  • Buyer Personas
  • Messaging
  • Corporate Presentations

In 2017, Resources Global Professionals (RGP), a leading global consulting firm with more than 3,100 employees worldwide, was in the midst of a transformation. The company, which historically had operated in a somewhat decentralized model, was noticing signs of stagnation in its pipeline, with different regions and offices employing their own strategies towards targeting, engaging with, and closing opportunities.

Recognizing the impact this fragmentation was having on business growth – the company reorganized itself, launching a new, integrated revenue marketing function to enable consistent and cohesive brand communications, and arm sales for success.

The new VP of Revenue Marketing had a lofty set of goals to meet. RGP had primarily relied on relationships in the past to grow business, retaining 100% of its Fortune 500 client base, but building a scalable pipeline required becoming more programmatic in their approach to prospecting. RGP came to PMG for assistance with developing messaging, and a series of campaign strategies that would communicate the value of the company’s advisory, project-based, and staffing services to executive buyers.  

Additionally, RGP looked to PMG’s expertise in building marketing and sales enablement assets, and establishing the technological foundation to support its efforts with marketing automation, and account-based marketing solutions to assist the company in executing targeted a select group of high-potential accounts.

Executive Town Hall Presentation

Concepted, developed, and designed (with original artwork) an executive town hall presentation for RGP’s new VP of Revenue Marketing. Outlined her role, and upcoming initiatives in a way designed to build affinity and win support from peers and colleagues. Incorporated corporated rallying cries, within a unique creative wrapper focused on the “science and magic of revenue marketing.”


Buyer Personas & Messaging

Developed 5 unique buyer personas for RGP, a leading consulting firm. Conducted stakeholder and customer interviews to inform the personas, which included demographics, a “day in the life,” business drivers, objections & answers, KPIs, content recommendations, sources of information, messages, and more. Translated insights from the personas into a comprehensive company messaging framework to inform campaigns.

ABM Framework & Martech Stack Evaluation

Developed account-based marketing framework and campaign strategy to target 9 high-potential accounts in the healthcare vertical. In order to ensure the effective execution of the recommended ABM and vertical campaign strategies (as well as future marketing efforts), PMG also performed an audit of RGP’s marketing tech stack and martech vendor list.

Made recommendations for what vendors/solutions to remove, replace, and/or add. This evaluation provided RGP all of the tools it needed to execute strategic marketing activities on a reasonable budget, and with limited time requirements.

ABM Framework and Martech Eval.jpg
First Meeting Deck.jpg

Sales First Meeting Deck & PPT Template

Concepted, copywrote, and designed a new first meeting presentation to enable RGP’s sales team for success. Included new messaging, corporate positioning, solutions overviews, persona and vertical focused slides, and customer success stories.
Extrapolated that presentation into a new corporate PowerPoint template, including multiple customizable graphics and charts, as well as approved stock
imagery for maximum flexibility.

Healthcare Marketing & Sales Strategy

Worked closely with RGP leadership to define a comprehensive strategy to support their first vertical business practice, focused on delivering solutions to healthcare leaders. Outlined steps to establish RGP Healthcare as a credible brand; support the sales team in selling to health-oriented businesses; develop and launch two campaigns on data privacy and lease accounting, and execute highly-targeted account-based marketing programs.

Healthcare Marketing and Sales Strategy.jpg

Lease Accounting Marketing & Campaign Strategy

Worked closely with RGP leadership to define a comprehensive strategy to support awareness and promotion of their Lease Accounting services. The team wanted to capitalize on new Lease Accounting Standards set forth by FASB and IASB. The strategy outlined steps to establish RGP’s Finance and Accounting team as technical accounting subject matter experts; develop Sales Enablement content, including customized video for Tier 1 prospects; launch topic-relevant podcast episodes featuring topic thought leaders and execute highly-targeted account-based marketing programs.

Email Drip Campaign

Developed and designed a 4-touch email workflow in RGP’s CRM to support the Lease Accounting sales campaign launched in conjunction with an internal Sales contest.

The email strategy involved incorporating more personal language from the company’s Global Managing Director, Finance & Accounting, as well as her headshot placed in the email signature to increase engagement rates.

On the day of sending Email #1, a RGP sales rep received a call from an email recipient who referenced the email sender’s name specifically in wanting to learn more.


M&A Brand Integration Support

RGP requested PMG’s assistance with the brand refresh support related to the integration of the Accretive brand into RGP parent company. PMG completed a 5-step content audit (including cataloguing, revising and redesigning) as well as the creation of new foundational materials to ensure that all Accretive content was rebranded and absorbed completely into the RGP brand. In addition, PMG designed and executed a plan to sunset Accretive’s various web properties and social media footprints, while executing upon RGP’s external communications plan to ensure multiple touchpoints, emails, posts, etc. are enacted across affected channels to communicate RGP’s acquisition of Accretive.