KUBRA | 20/20 Vis10n

Integrated Campaign | Creative

KUBRA needed a creative solution for an aggressive goal they hoped would differentiate them in the market – to reach 10 billion customer interactions by the year 2020.

PMG began with discovery, digging into unique value propositions, and in-depth research, surveying customers, and incorporating third-party insights. 

Creating the concept of KUBRA 2020 VIS10N, PMG integrated the numbers 10 to denote its interaction goal, and 2020 paired with “vision” to represent its timeline and clear vision for the future. 

PMG delivered a stunning logo design, implemented across multiple printed and digital assets, and a comprehensive style guide, including logo usage guidelines, fonts, color palette, messaging, and tone/voice.

 KUBRA 20/20 Vis10n Integrated Campaign Creative logo design