GTT | Account-Based Marketing Campaign

Strategy, Creative, Execution

Strategized, concepted, and executed a direct mail campaign targeting CIOs at enterprise corporations for GTT’s global networking solutions.

Targets  were enticed to “Listen. See. Believe.”, receiving a hi-fidelity set of premium wireless earbuds, with the teaser that they could pair them with the new Amazon Echo Show (and take their next meeting over GTT’s Tier 1 Global Network), if they agreed to “Meet GTT.”

The CTA  “Let us SHOW you the GTT Difference” brought the message home. Inside the box, a mini-brochure highlighted GTT’s key differentiators.

The campaign also included a 3-touch pre-mailing email cadence, as well as post-mailing call and email scripts for maximum conversion.

Shipping Box Open.jpg


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