Cloud-Based Billing SaaS Provider | Account-Based Marketing Framework & Campaign

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Program Elements

  • Ideal Customer Profile
  • ABM Framework
  • MarTech Stack Evaluation
  • ABM Campaign Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Digital Advertising
  • Landing Page Development
  • Lead Gen Campaigns

goTransverse, a cloud-based billing solution for enterprise companies in IoT, media, utilities, cloud software, and more, was achieving accolades for their products but needed to create more market awareness and drive more leads, particularly in targeted verticals.

The company identified Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as a high-growth opportunity segment for their business, and needed to define a programmatic method of ranking their top target accounts and driving demand within the vertical. goTransverse engaged PMG for assistance with defining an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) for SaaS, developing a ranking system by which they could create three tiers of potential target accounts, based on that ICP.

They also asked PMG to create a comprehensive Account-Based Marketing (ABM) framework and campaign, with a list of recommended strategies for each tier of targets, based on level of effort and expected return. As part of the framework development, PMG conducted a comprehensive analysis of goTransverse’s marketing technology (MarTech) stack, providing a list of recommended solutions to support their ABM efforts.

PMG’s campaign strategy for the SaaS vertical included a content roadmap that leveraged existing and new content at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Beyond producing five original pieces of content, PMG designed a custom content hub within Triblio (goTransverse’s new ABM platform) to maximize conversion rates, and created dozens of digital ads to support the program across multiple channels.

Ideal Customer Profile & Tiering

Developed an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy, including identifying ideal customer profiles (ICP) and developing a model to qualify three tiers of target accounts.

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ABM Framework & MarTech Stack Evaluation

Created a comprehensive  ABM framework with recommended activities and investment levels, and performed a gap analysis of goTransverse’s MarTech stack with recommended solutions and a timeline for implementation.


ABM Campaign Strategy

Delivered messaging and a complete campaign strategy for a pilot program targeting the SaaS vertical, utilizing goTransverse’s new ABM platform, Triblio. Additionally, included content, email nurture, media placement recommendations.

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Content Development

Crafted five unique pieces of content for the SaaS vertical, including an infographic, tip sheet, company overview, listicle, and ebook. Developed recommendations for digital promotion, as well as an email nurture track to maximize reach.


Digital Advertising & Landing Page Development

Coded a custom content hub within Triblio to serve as a resource center for SaaS-focused campaign efforts, increasing click-through. Designed three digital ads per content piece, for targeted distribution to goTransverse’s top prospects, driving traffic to the hub.

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Lead Gen Campaigns

Developed two pieces of content for the top and middle of the funnel to drive lead generation within a high priority market for goTransverse. Supported a guide on billing metrics and an infographic on the issue of build vs. buy with compelling digital ads for display, retargeting, and ABM applications.