GoodData | Dataland

Integrated Campaign | Creative

Developed an end-to-end strategy, including creative concept, for an integrated campaign supporting GoodData’s Powered by product for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).

Centered the program around an interactive gaming experience that challenged prospects to reach “the next level” in their business—answering targeted questions about how to monetize their data with embedded analytics. Five persona-based characters created more than 30 opportunities for targets to self-identify and MQL, accessing gated content (5 eBooks).

Supported the program with social/blog graphics, web graphics, event assets, and a three-touch Marketo email campaign targeted to each persona.

DataLand Game

PMG really hit the nail on the head with the video they recently produced for us–from concepting to execution, they took a very complicated subject and brought it to life in a way that’s human, approachable and most importantly, compelling. 

- Jeff Morris |  VP Marketing | GoodData

Ebook tailored to the CFO persona

Ebook tailored to the CEO persona

Targeted Marketo Emails and Landing Pages

Promotional T-shirts given as prizes to generate buzz at trade show booth featuring Data Land game