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Program Elements

  • Integrated Marketing Campaigns
  • Persona-Specific Ebooks
  • Marketo Emails & Landing Pages
  • Video Production
  • Buyer’s Guide Collateral
  • White Papers
  • Product Briefs
  • Solution Briefs
  • Case Studies
  • Trade Show Booth
  • First Meeting Sales Deck
  • Social Selling Training & Tools
  • Partner Program


In 2015, GoodData, a business intelligence software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider based in San Francisco, came to PMG looking for an end-to-end strategy for an integrated campaign supporting their “Powered by” product for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). The goal of the program was to build a differentiated narrative around GoodData’s position as the leading provider of monetizable embedded analytics, driving awareness, engagement, and ultimately, sales.

PMG concepted and designed a unique 80’s “8’bit” style design centered around an interactive online gaming experience that challenged prospects to take their business to the “next level” with embedded analytics. The experience was hosted on a dedicated landing page, www.gooddata. com/dataland. Upon arriving at the page, visitors were enticed to pick one of five players representing GoodData’s target buyers (CEO, CFO, VP Product, Product Manager, Developer).

Choosing a player launched the gaming experience, which could be navigated by answering a series of “challenge questions” about how to monetize data. Each question included a call to action to fill out a form for a related eBook with more detail on the topic. Each player/persona was targeted with a different eBook, customized to their unique interests and needs. Throughout the game, there were 25 opportunities for players/prospects to fill out a form to download their custom eBook (5 per player).

In addition to the game, the DataLand microsite also featured copy promoting each eBook, which could be accessed by filling out a short form. PMG developed more than 100 pages of custom content for the five books, along with original graphics and illustrations. Also on the page was a PMG-produced video with more detail on the product.

Once the web page, gaming experience, and eBooks were complete—PMG turned its attention to creating a series of promotional materials spanning print, social, digital, email, and other channels, designed to drive traffic to the site.

These materials including social graphics for Twitter and LinkedIn digital banners ads placed at key locations on the GoodData site (including related blog posts), as well as external properties; three Marketo emails per eBook (15 total); and a tradeshow booth banner, gaming setup and t-shirt prize. PMG even developed LinkedIn background headers so that employees could promote the experience on their own profiles.

As a final step, PMG provided GoodData with a promotional strategy utilizing owned, earned and paid channels.

The integrated cross-channel campaign was the first of its kind for GoodData, and was so successful that nearly two years later, it remains active. The more than 30 integrated online form fills on the microsite drive more activity than any of GoodData’s other online assets combined, apart from their product demos. To date, the DataLand online experience has generated more than $8M in pipeline and $3.4M in annual recurring revenue.


Experience DataLand for yourself at

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From the Client

“PMG did what no other agency could—delivering a creative campaign that communicated technical content in a fun, exciting way. Working with PMG is like having an extra team, ready to jump in and help whenever you need them!”

—  Celeste Mora, Head of Content & Social | GoodData

GoodData has since engaged PMG for a number of additional projects, including:

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Analysis Paralysis

Crafted a fun, tongue-in-cheek email campaign, utilizing spoof stock photos from Vince Vaughn movie “Unfinished Business” to illustrate how GoodData’s business intelligence platform can help users avoid “Analysis Paralysis.” Campaign included Marketo emails and landing pages, with benchmark metrics for performance.



Social Analytics

Developed a holistic content and social media campaign on the latest trends in social, natively integrating the value props of GoodData analytics for social media. Created three infographics, as well as a short eBook on social media ROI.


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Buyer’s Guide Collateral

Created SEO-friendly educational content designed to target the first-time business intelligence SaaS buyer with targeted messaging, differentiating GoodData from its competition. Included:

  • BI 101 Guide
  • BI Buyer’s Guide
  • BI Vendor Comparison Guide
  • Vendor Comparison Chart
  • Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
  • Social Sharing Graphics

Product Briefs & White Papers

Created a series of briefs and long-form content highlighting the unique value propositions of GoodData’s business intelligence cloud platform, including the ability to deliver “Insights-as-a-Service.”

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Solution Briefs

Developed a series of briefs targeting specific vertical use cases for GoodData’s business intelligence cloud platform, including digital and social analytics.

Case Studies

Produced more than 20 case studies, highlighting GoodData success stories with direct customers, as well as Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) utilizing GoodData’s “Powered By” product to integrate analytics within their own SaaS solution.


Gartner Trade Show Booth Design

Designed booth space for the Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics Summit, utilizing GoodData brand and messaging within a predetermined area. Accommodated various display screens to showcase brand presentations.

First Meeting Sales Deck

Worked with leadership from across the organization to develop a customizable presentation, designed to clearly and succinctly communicate GoodData’s value proposition to B2B and B2C targets across verticals.

Consulted with subject matter experts to form a deep understanding of GoodData’s business intelligence platform and its underlying technologies, bringing them to life with unique visuals that could be repurposed within the company website and marketing materials.


Social Selling Training & Tools

Developed a series of social selling training materials and tools to assist GoodData SDRs in filling the pipeline, including a LinkedIn Top Ten Tips Sheet, customized header graphics with messaging, and modular LinkedIn email templates.

Coordinated three live training sessions with regional sales teams, educating them on how to optimize their LinkedIn profiles, best practices for engaging with prospects, and how to use LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool.

Solution Partner Program

Developed a comprehensive strategy to support the launch of a first-of-its kind solution partner program, designed to drive indirect sales of GoodData’s analytics platform via systems integrators and other service providers.

Concepted partnership program benefits, tiers, and provider qualifications—translating them into both contractual agreements, and program overview collateral.