CrowdStreet Brand Re-Launch & Demand Generation Program


    Program Elements

    • Brand Teaser Campaign
    • Brand Launch Campaign
    • Brand Affinity Campaign
    • CrowdStreet Partner Marketing Program
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    CrowdStreet, a software and services company in the commercial real estate (CRE)  funding industry, was in the midst of a transformation when they approached PMG. The young company, which had recently been named the #1 Technology Startup in Oregon by the Technology Association of Oregon, had made significant gains since its founding.

    Its investment marketplace had attracted more than 30,000 high net-worth individuals, who collectively had poured $200 million into 170+ CRE offerings, resulting in $880 million in distributions. Even more, its investors were engaged--responding so rapidly to marketing communications that the company was able to raise millions in minutes for its commercial real estate customers.

    It was time to update their brand to reflect the business’s move into the realm of institutional capital. The company set about a brand update. They came to PMG for assistance with developing a campaign that would help them introduce the new brand to existing and prospective CRE firms and investors, as well as influencers in the space, who could become candidates for the company’s new affiliate program.

    Brand Teaser Campaign

    Four-step reveal of the new brand that brings together the concepts of CrowdStreet’s evolution, as well as the benefits the company creates for CREs and investors. Includes creative, organic social posts, www updates, emails, blogs, and videos.

    CrowdStreet Launch Campaign Elements

    Brand Launch Campaign

    Integrated launch campaign designed to illustrated CrowdStreet’s move into the realm of institutional capital, while simultaneously introducing the new brand. Includes direct mail outreach, content development (eBooks, infographics, blogs), social and digital advertising, email nurture tracks, and landing pages.

    Brand Affinity Campaign

    Influencer engagement campaign focused on identifying key influencers within the investment space, introducing them to the prospect of participating in a CrowdStreet Affiliate Program, and gaining recommendation and earned reach through their media channels.

    platinum setup for CrowdStreet Partner Program

    CrowdStreet Partner Marketing Program

    When CrowdStreet saw an opportunity to launch a new line of business, and revenue–they knew PMG was the right partner to turn to. CrowdStreet helps commercial real estate (CRE) firms market, and fund, their projects via an online marketplace and the company’s proprietary software solution, CrowdStreet Connect.

    Although CrowdStreet was driving hundreds of millions of dollars in investments for its customers through its platform, and B2C demand generation efforts--their CRE customers were increasingly asking them for additional assistance in crafting their brand assets and lead generation efforts. CrowdStreet approached PMG with an offer to become its exclusive partner for a new referral program.

    PMG developed the framework for the CrowdStreet Partner Marketing Program, a new suite of one-time and ongoing service offerings to help CRE firms build their brands and drive inbound demand. The benefits of the program are many.

    To support the program, PMG created a sales presentation and overview brief. These assets outline the benefits and the packages offerings to help CRE firms: